Actuators for Sludge Blowdown Valves in Municipal and Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Kinetrol Valve Actuator App Note
Large, bulky and unreliable old sludge
blow-down valve actuator packages.
Sludge blowdown valves are used in water and wastewater treatment systems that separate solids prior to filtration. They are typically plug valves with double acting pneumatic actuators that operate on a controlled time frequency. The frequency depends on the amount of solids in the media and cycle times of every 20 minutes are common.

The pneumatic actuators that are supplied with the original equipment have been known, in some cases, to have a short performance life due to the cycle frequency and environment. Some end users have experienced the original actuators failing in 3 - 4 months. Customers who have upgraded to Kinetrol actuators have experienced performance lives of over 5 times this and still counting.

Kinetrol Actuator App Note
New Compact and highly reliable Kinetrol install.

Kinetrol Actuator App Note
Getting ready to remove old actuators.