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Kinetrol Blueline Pneumatic Actuator - Features

Features of the Kinetrol Blueline pneumatic actuator:
  • Durable Blueline coating meets FDA and BfR L1 specifications. 
  • Corrosion resistant zinc (non-incendive) or aluminum alloy case. 
  • Easy stop adjustment at each end of stroke for accurate seating. 
  • Long life epoxy or PTFE internal finish. 
  • Integral vane/shaft casting - only one moving part.
  • Manual override square and position indicator. 
  • Space filling/energy absorbent sideplates (polymer or metal). 
  • Double opposed, Polyurethane, lip seals for effective sealing and long maintenance free life.
  • Stainless steel expanders ensure long term lipseal / case contact

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Kinetrol Actuator Feature Video

Here's a new Kinetrol vane actuator feature video. Please take a minute to watch. Hope you enjoy.

Pneumatic Actuators Well-suited for Offshore Valve and Damper Applications

Offshore Platform
Offshore Platform
Offshore oil rigs present special challenges for valve and damper actuators, namely high vibration, limited space, and salt-laden atmospheres.

Corrosion resistant housing and sealed spring.
Corrosion resistant housing
and sealed spring.
Corrosive marine environments takes a harsh toll on the internal parts of actuators. Continuous exposure to salt quickly corrodes the external housing and inevitably enters the actuator and corrodes the internal springs and gears.

Constant structural vibration, caused by the dynamic forces generated by compressors, pumps, and engines, leads to poor equipment reliability and eventual failure. Pulsating and shaking forces expedite wear on mechanical connections such as gears and yoke mechanisms, with many gear failures due to resonant vibration.

Oil platform actuators, control valves, safety valves, and piping systems are configured very similarly to their terra firma cousins, with the major difference between land and platform equipment being reduced weight and size. Space is at a premium and it is critical to keep equipment as compact as possible.

Single moving part. No gears or yokes.
Single moving part.
No gears or yokes.
A Better Alternative for Marine and Offshore
Kinetrol rotary vane actuators provide an excellent solution, well-suited for off-shore and marine applications. A durable epoxy stove enamel finish and corrosion resistant zinc (non-incendive) or aluminum alloy case protect the actuator from the harsh environment.

Size comparison for similar output.
Size comparison for similar output.
The integral vane/shaft casting (a single moving part) and space filling/energy absorbent sideplates (polymer or metal) protect the actuators from the vibration, shaking, and shock.

Finally, Kinetrol vance actuators only require 1/3 to 1/2 the required installation space of similarly equipped rack and pion actuators.

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