Spring Return "Deadman" Handles: Certainty of Valve Position When Unattended

Spring Return Handle
Spring Return Handle on Ball Valve
If you want to operate a valve manually, but maintain the advantage of the fail-safe spring’s certainty of position when unattended, check out the Kinetrol's spring return handle.

This uniquely designed manual operator offers some compelling advantages in automating valves and provides additional levels of plant safety.

Spring return (also known as "deadman") handles will help you meet individual plant safety requirements as well as and OSHA requirements for valves that must return to the closed position after operation. Different from lever handle or gear operators which will leave the vale in the last position, the spring return deadman device ensures that the handle will always be driven to its original starting position by the associated spring.

Unique Features Include:
  • Manual unit cannot be left in the wrong position
  • Reliable torque delivery for valve reseat
  • Fire fail-safe option, for fail-safe manual operation of valves
  • Clockwise or counter clockwise 90° spring action 
  • Spring housing sealed to IP65 to protect from internal corrosion
  • ISO5211 female drive & ATEX Category 2 approved options available forKinetrol actuators 02, 03, 05 and 07

Troubleshooting & Set Up Guide for Kinetrol EL Positioners

Kinetrol EL Positioner
Kinetrol EL Positioner
The Kinetrol EL Positioner operates by modulating the percent opening / closing of a valve or damper by converting an electrical signal to a pneumatic output, which in turn, regulates the position of a pneumatic actuator.

In terms of response and accuracy, the EL Positioner is arguably one of the best electro-pneumatic positioners in the world,  particularly when used in tandem with a Kinetrol vane actuator.

The document below provides an illustrated troubleshooting and set-up guide for the EL electro-pneumatic positioner and is available to support the all the units installed in chemical, petro-chemical, water treatment, power generation and other applications across the world.

Superpulsator Vent Valve Operation Demands Performance

Kinetrol on superpulsator
Kinetrol on Superpulsator Vent Valve
Water treatment involves multiple physical, chemical and biological processes that transform raw water into drinking water. Clarification, which includes the removal of excessive color or turbidity of raw water to produces clear uncolored water, is one of these processes. Clarification typically includes coagulation, flocculation and settling.

A Superpulsator unit is a simple type of clarification system utilizing an upward flow tank and inclined plate settling.  It operates by varying the level of the flocculation tank through the use of a vacuum pump and vent valve. The pump creates a vacuum in the tank causing the water level to rise. A vent valve then opens to atmosphere causing the water level to fall. The valve is then closed, and the process repeats itself continuously. The actuated vent valve is controlled by a timer set to pre-defined vacuum and vent cycles.

A Kinetrol USA Distributor was called in to assist in a water treatment plant’s upgrade to superpulsators. After reviewing the application, the Distributor specified 4" plug valves actuated with Kinetrol vane actuators and Kinetrol ULS limit switches. The plant’s original system was using double acting, air cylinder operated valves. These had to be replaced because they wouldn't be able to withstand the superpulsator's constant vacuum and venting cycling. The more robust Kinetrol actuator, capable of very high cycle rates, was clearly the best choice.

After installation and startup, and several years in operation, the Kinetrol actuators are performing flawlessly and are providing maintenance-free operation.

Vane Actuator Compact Size, Power, and Smooth Control Perfect for Ergo Arms

An industrial ergonomic manipulator (also know as ergo arms, articulating arms, articulating jib arms, and lift assist devices) are lifting assistance devices used to help workers lift, maneuver, and place items that are impossible to safely lift themselves. Factors that usually determine the need for an “ergo arm” are item size, weight, or temperature. Different from vertical lifting equipment such as cranes and hoists, ergonomic manipulators can control the pitch, roll or spin of an items for proper placement.

The Kinetrol vane actuator is an ideal pneumatic drive for industrial ergonomic manipulators because of their compact size, powerful torque output, and exceptionally smooth control.

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