A New Standard of Valve Stability, Accuracy, and Speed Control

Kinetrol Steadyline

The Kinetrol Steadyline series are precision valve actuators with built-in damping devices that give smooth rotational resistance to the actuator/valve shaft. Water hammer occurs when a pipe's fluid flow changes rapidly. The effect may be high pipe pressures, mechanical stress on pipe structures, and potential flow reversal. If not controlled, it can cause pipe bursting, pipe breaking, and joint leakage. The Kinetrol Steadyline actuators smooth the actuator's standard travel. It dampens any pipeline flow-induced oscillations of the valve disks and enables the user to set a minimum amount of travel time on power failure. As a result, the Kinetrol Steadyline provides better performance, reduced downtime, and lower operating costs. 

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Precision Dosing with Kinetrol Actuators

Precision Dosing with Kinetrol Actuators

Kinetrol actuators are known for their accuracy and durability. Whether it is a straight on/off operation or a modulating application, the Kinetrol actuator's unique single vane design allows for accurate, precise control. 

In many industries, this reliable and precise control has enormous advantages. Dosing applications, however, are one particular field where these features are particularly desirable. In dosing applications it is essential to deliver or apply a 'measured volume' of product to have a quality finished product. 

Precision metering and application of high and low viscosity material in all industries depend on the 'depositors' or 'applicators' accuracy.'  For instance, precise, consistent beading for sealants and adhesives (as for the automotive and glass industries), standardized product weight (as in the food/drinks industry) ensures an excellent outcome. 

The unique single vane design of Kinetrol actuators results in a more reliable solution for dosing applications, especially when compared to pneumatic cylinders or rack & pinion actuators. Furthermore, most dosing systems' high on/off operation suggests that the high cycle guarantee of Kinetrol preserves long-term stability and allows for prolonged use before maintenance. 

In fully automated, robotic production lines standard in food preparation process lines and automotive manufacturing, both of these factors are hugely significant. The greater precision and greater efficiency of Kinetrol contributes to less downtime and thereby increased efficiencies and decreased costs.

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