Does Your Valve or Damper Need More Than 90 Degrees Rotation?

180 degree actuator
180 degree actuator
Kinetrol’s 180° actuator is produced by adding a 2:1 step-up linkage onto the output shaft of well proven 90° vane actuators.

Factory fitted, direct mount linkage units are available to suit model 02, 03, 05, 07, 09, 12, 14 and 16 actuators, giving a neat single unit with no mount kits or brackets. The linkage’s unique geometry gives constant 2:1 step-up so that the output torque remains constant throughout the actuator's travel.

The all-steel mechanism of the linkage employs rolling contacts to minimise frictional losses and wear, and to maximise life. The linkage is lubricated for life, and encased in a robust, fully sealed die cast alloy casing. Exterior surfaces are protected by a corrosion resistant epoxy stove enamel finish. Standard adjustable endstops on the 90 degree actuator can be used to set the angle of travel. The other end of the 90 degree actuator allows the full range of Kinetrol modular accessories to be fitted directly.
  • Simple compact unit - No external moving parts
  • Unique linkage design - converts to 180° travel 120° option available 
  • Constant gear-up ratio through travel range - Hence constant output torque 
  • Rolling contact linkage mechanism - Ensures low wear, long life, low friction 
  • Linkage sealed for life - Protected from the environment, long maintenance free life 
  • Compatible with all Kinetrol modules - Direct mounted spring returns, limit switch boxes, positioners etc.
  • Adjustable endstops