Kinetrol Vane Actuators Replace High Maintenance Pneumatic Cylinders in Water Treatment Plant

Kinetrol Actuator
Kinetrol Rotary Vane Actuator

A Kinetrol USA Western Distributor was told by a water treatment plant operator that two 10" Pratt butterfly valves with cylinder actuators were not working reliably. The valves were okay, but the pneumatic cylinders were a maintenance nightmare. Not only did they introduce far too much hysteresis (slop) in the actuator-to-valve movement, but they also leaked air, and in the winter time had to have a heater placed next to them to keep the cylinders from sticking. The cylinder seals were so poor moisture would penetrate the cylinder and freeze, rendering the actuator unresponsive.

An experienced, application savvy Distributor came to the water treatment plant's rescue. After looking at the application the Sales Engineer specified new butterfly valves and Kinetrol Model 14 double acting actuators, manual gear overrides, AP positioners with I/P, ULS limit switches, angle retransmit, and point-of-use filters.  He knew the Kinetrol actuators would not only eliminate the constant maintenance, but also provide much tighter control.

After 1 year of continuous service, the actuators have performed flawlessly without any downtime. The maintenance crew at the water treatment plant are so pleased they plan on standardizing.

Kinetrol Actuators. Field Tested. Application Driven.

Kinetrol actuators on butterfly valves for water treatment plant
Kinetrol actuators on butterfly valves for water treatment plant.