Kinetrol Blueline Pneumatic Actuator - Features

Features of the Kinetrol Blueline pneumatic actuator:
  • Durable Blueline coating meets FDA and BfR L1 specifications. 
  • Corrosion resistant zinc (non-incendive) or aluminum alloy case. 
  • Easy stop adjustment at each end of stroke for accurate seating. 
  • Long life epoxy or PTFE internal finish. 
  • Integral vane/shaft casting - only one moving part.
  • Manual override square and position indicator. 
  • Space filling/energy absorbent sideplates (polymer or metal). 
  • Double opposed, Polyurethane, lip seals for effective sealing and long maintenance free life.
  • Stainless steel expanders ensure long term lipseal / case contact

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