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Kinetrol Actuators Chosen to "Bust Myths" on Popular TV Show

Kinetrol Actuators on MythBusters
A mechanical "soldier" busting myths.
Kinetrol actuators have a great reputation in many heavy industries such as power generation, chemical processing, and pulp and paper, but here's one industry that's easy to overlook - special effects engineering for television and movie production.

Case in point, the very popular science entertainment show "MythBusters" (produced for the Discovery Channel).

In an episode challenging the concept of destructive harmonics caused by an army marching in unison, MythBusters decided to create an "army" of mechanical feet to march in over a mock bridge. An important requirement was a mechanical rotational movement device that would allow for synchronized movement (simulating the legs of soldiers). Accurate and smooth control of multiple actuators so the cadence could be controlled was crucial.  Enter Kinetrol.

To see a 4 minute clip of the setup, test and results, see Kinetrol in action on the Breakstep Bridge Minimyth here.

Below are some images from the broadcast.

The "army" of marching feet.

One of the test rigs.