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Actuators for Ergonomic Moving and Lifting Equipment

Ergonomic manipulators (also know as ergo arms, articulating arms, articulating jib arms, and lift assist devices) are lifting assistance devices used to help workers lift, maneuver, and place items that are impossible to safely lift themselves.

Ergonomic lift assist devices increase productivity while offering an economic solution to material handling needs. They create a better way to work providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees, while increasing efficiency and productivity at the same time.

The Kinetrol vane actuator is an ideal pneumatic drive for industrial ergonomic manipulators due to:
  • Compact size
  • Powerful
  • Wide range of torque outputs
  • Exceptionally smooth control
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Vane Actuator for Pneumatic Power on Roll Lifting Machine

vane actuator on roll lifter
Kinetrol vane actuator on roll lifter.
There are many examples in machine design where the need for pneumatically driven, 90 ° rotation is required. One such application is a coil/roll lifting machine used to lift heavy rolls of material.

The machine is pneumatically operated and provides an expandable shaft that grabs and holds on to the center hole of the roll. The expandable shaft also prevents spiraling while lifting.  The roller can be tilted 90 ° so that it will be retrieved horizontally and vertically. A Kinetrol pneumatic vane actuator is used for the 90 ° movement because it provides very smooth rotation and has exceptional long cycle life.

See the equipment in operation below. Note the function and use of the vane actuator.

Thanks to the equipment manufacturer, JLM Teknik.