Kinetrol Actuators in Wood Power Pole Manufacturing

steam valve
Wood treatment steam valve
Wooden utility power poles must be chemically treated to protect against pests, rot, and decay. The manufacturing process to apply the chemicals requires heat, vacuum, pressure, and harsh chemicals.

The pressure treatment process varies everything from full vacuum to prepare the poles to accept the treatment, to positive pressure and elevated temperatures (using steam) to force the chemical treatment into the pole.
pole treatment vessel
Pole treatment vessel

There are three areas where automated valves are required: 

1) Steam control valve
2) Vacuum pump valve
3) Chemical flow control valve

The steam line at one plant was unreliable and very expensive. It was costing the plant about $4000. To help come up with a better, more economical solution, a  Kinetrol USA Distributor was invited in and specified a Kinetrol actuator, positioner and custom brackets for the existing steam line valve. 

wood treatment chemical line
Look carefully to see (2) Kinetrol
Actuators on chemical feed lines.
The retrofit was completed with the new Kinetrol actuator and positioner at a fraction of the previous actuator package cost. The customer was delighted the Kinetrol package gave them better control in a package that was much easier to service.