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Kinetrol D-Line Damped Manual Fail-Safe

Kinetrol D-Line Damped Manual Fail-Safe

Introducing the Kinetrol D-Line Damped Manual Fail-Safe, a revolutionary solution for 90-degree rotational applications that prioritizes safety, reliability, and ease of use. This innovative device features a damped spring stroke that effectively dissipates kinetic energy, allowing for safe operation even at higher spring torques. With the fail-safe spring design, you can rest assured that the valve will always return to the correct position after use, eliminating the risk of costly errors. The torque multiplier reduces the force required to operate the device and minimizes the package envelope, making it a compact and efficient choice. The lockable design prevents unauthorized use, while the adjustable dampening allows you to select the speed of the spring stroke to suit your specific needs. With a torque range from 380 in-lbs to 1265 in-lbs, the Kinetrol D-Line Damped Manual Fail-Safe is versatile enough to handle a wide variety of applications. ATEX Cat 2 is approved for hazardous environments and boasts an IP65 rating to protect against internal corrosion; this device is built to withstand even the most challenging conditions. Upgrade your valve control system with the Kinetrol D-Line Damped Manual Fail-Safe and experience unparalleled safety, reliability, and performance.

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Need a Fail-Safe Valve Operator? Use This One.

Kinetrol manual fail safe spring unit
Kinetrol manual fail-safe
spring unit.
If you want to operate a valve manually, but maintain the advantage of the fail-safe spring’s certainty of position when unattended, use this device.

These spring return units are designed to be put on valves to prevent, or limit, the impact of potentially hazardous accidents resulting from uncontrolled flowing fluid and gasses or spillage.

The Kinetrol manual fail-safe spring unit has a ISO/DIN female drive for direct mounting and ATEX category 2 options for use in hazardous areas. Kinetrol also offers a range of fire fail-safe spring assemblies that can be set to operate valves at pre-configured temperatures.

Because they cannot be left in the wrong position, they are commonly referred to as "deadman handles". Theses devices provide reliable torque delivery for valve reseating and come with completely sealed spring housings that meet IP65 levels, totally protecting the internal spring from the environment, making them ideal for outdoor applications.