Warehouse Palletizers Rely on Kinetrol Actuators for Trouble-free Performance

palletizer vacuum gripper head
Palletizer gripper head with
Kinetrol actuator
In today’s highly automated fulfillment centers, distribution centers, and warehouse automation operations, fast, efficient and reliable packaging automation is the key to the company’s success. Complete packaging systems seamlessly connect an array of subsystems to form a cohesive, highly optimized, accurate packaging automation operation.
Palletizer with Kinetrol Actuators

One component is the palletizer subsystem. The palletizer subsystem provides automatic stacking of products on top of a pallet.

More sophisticated palletizers have complex control systems to provide the speed, accuracy and control required for large scale operation. The control systems are made up of computers, PLCs, proximity devices, and optical instruments. For product movement, transfer, and placement, palletizers rely on highly accurate pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, and electro-hydraulic motors, actuators, and drives.
Palletizer in plant.

Because of their high cycle life, smooth movement, precise control, and maintenance free operation, Kinetrol vane actuators have been very successfully used by palletizer OEMs. The actuator provides 90 degree and 180 degree rotation on the vacuum gripper head and pivot arms. During normal operation the Kinetrol actuators can see upwards of 20,000 cycle per day.

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