Precision Dosing with Kinetrol Actuators

Precision Dosing with Kinetrol Actuators

Kinetrol actuators are known for their accuracy and durability. Whether it is a straight on/off operation or a modulating application, the Kinetrol actuator's unique single vane design allows for accurate, precise control. 

In many industries, this reliable and precise control has enormous advantages. Dosing applications, however, are one particular field where these features are particularly desirable. In dosing applications it is essential to deliver or apply a 'measured volume' of product to have a quality finished product. 

Precision metering and application of high and low viscosity material in all industries depend on the 'depositors' or 'applicators' accuracy.'  For instance, precise, consistent beading for sealants and adhesives (as for the automotive and glass industries), standardized product weight (as in the food/drinks industry) ensures an excellent outcome. 

The unique single vane design of Kinetrol actuators results in a more reliable solution for dosing applications, especially when compared to pneumatic cylinders or rack & pinion actuators. Furthermore, most dosing systems' high on/off operation suggests that the high cycle guarantee of Kinetrol preserves long-term stability and allows for prolonged use before maintenance. 

In fully automated, robotic production lines standard in food preparation process lines and automotive manufacturing, both of these factors are hugely significant. The greater precision and greater efficiency of Kinetrol contributes to less downtime and thereby increased efficiencies and decreased costs.

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Roses Are Red; Actuators Are Blue - The Kinetrol Blueline Actuator for Food Production Applications

Kinetrol Blueline

Kinetrol's "Blueline" Series of pneumatic vane actuators for use in food and beverage production. Install Blueline Actuators in areas where harsh chemical wash-down is required. These are areas that are very tough on most pneumatic actuators because of the caustic or acidic chemicals used in the cleaning process damage the actuator.

Kinetrol's Blueline Series provides a very economical option for use with caustic and acidic wash-down procedures. The actuators have non-stick properties, resistance to salt-laden environments, and exceptional resistance to chipping and flaking. Additionally, if the coating does become dislodged, it is visible to the human eye or the photo optic detectors used in quality controls systems.

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"Failure Is Not an Option" - Kinetrol Manual and Fire Fail-Safe Spring Units

Kinetrol Fail Safe Spring Return Handle

If you want to operate a valve manually, but maintain the advantage of the fail-safe spring's certainty of position when unattended, check out the Kinetrol's manual and fire fail-safe spring handle. This uniquely designed manual operator offers some compelling benefits in automating valves and provides additional plant safety levels. Spring return (also known as "deadman") handles will help you meet individual plant safety requirements and OSHA requirements for valves that must return to the closed position after an operation. Unlike lever handle or gear operators that will leave the valve in the last state, the spring return deadman device ensures that the valve returns to its original starting position powered by the associated spring handle.

Kinetrol Manual and Fire Failsafe Handle from Kinetrol USA

"Exhausting" High Cycle, Fast Open/Close Foundry Applcation

High cycle foundry application

An iron foundry located in the Midwest USA has a valve application with extreme requirements. The atmosphere is scorching and dusty, and the valve and actuator combination has to cycle at a very high rate. 

There two most considerable challenges are:

  1. Finding a valve actuator that can stand up to 100,000 actuator cycles per month (around 1.3 million cycles per year) and operate for more than a year.
  2. The actuators have to cycle open and closed in a fraction of a second.


  1. Due to their reputation for extreme durability, Kinetrol actuators are specified.  They are known worldwide to perform flawlessly where cycle rates are high. 
  2. High flow solenoid valves manage the high volume of fill and exhaust air to handle the rapid cycling.

As of the last check, the Kinetrol actuators are operating without problem for more than two years.

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Kinetrol Steadyline Actuators

The Kinetrol Steadyline series are precision valve actuators with built-in damping devices that give smooth rotational resistance to the actuator / valve shaft. The Kinetrol Steadyline product smoothes the standard travel of the actuator, dampens any pipeline flow-induced oscillations of the valve disks and enables the user to set a minimum amount of travel time on power failure. 

Kinetrol Steadyline is tailor-made and designed for precise, repeatable valve operation, offering superior stability and precision in opening / closing times.

Kinetrol Steadyline offers the next level of valve stability, precision, and control when there is a need to minimize or remove harmful shock or unnecessary motion, or when a valve application needs precise and repeatable closing or opening times. 

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