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Pneumatic Valve and Damper Actuators Designed to Stand Up to the Cement Industry

Cement silo
Cement silos.
Cement plants take a harsh toll on equipment such as valves and actuators. Abrasive material is involved from the beginning to the end. Materials handled are often dusty and cause severe abrasive wear of equipment. The movement, blending, storage, and transport of limestone, shale, iron ore, and clay wreaks havoc on the life expectancy of process equipment. Additionally, corrosion issues in cement plants are frequent and costly.

Because of their reliability and ruggedness, Kinetrol rotary vane actuators are used in many processes across a cement plant. These applications include vehicle unloading, silo discharge, air cooling dampers, distribution, bagging and emissions control.

You can download a PDF that outlines where vane actuators are used in all areas of cement production here, or you can read the embedded document below.

Bulk Material Handling Diverter Valves Choose Vane Actuators for Reliability and Compactness

Kinetrol diverter valve
2-Way Diverter with
Kinetrol Actuator
A diverter valve is used in a pneumatic conveying system to “divert” material being conveyed to two or more different destination locations.  Because diverter valves are directly in the flow of bulk material on a pneumatic conveying system, operating conditions for the valve and actuator can be severe. Requirements vary from application to application, but in general diverter valves must be constructed from very durable materials and with few moving parts. Same goes for the pneumatic actuator driving the valve. Because of the materials and conditions, the actuator must be able to endure high cycle rates, dusty atmospheres, and high vibration over long periods of time.

Kinetrol diverter valve
Dense Phase 2- Way Diverter
with Kinetrol Actuator
Pneumatic actuators are frequently used on conveying systems because they are operated pneumatically and eliminate additional installation and safety concerns required by electric operators. The actuator is used to rotate a stainless steel shaft and arm to either the bypass (straight through), or divert (90 Deg.) position.

The durability of the vane type pneumatic actuator, along with its compact design and simplicity, continues to win over the hearts and minds of diverter valve manufacturers.   The vane actuator's reliability is attributed to one significant advantage over rack & pinion, piston, and scotch yoke actuators - the vane actuator has only one moving part.

Not all vane actuators are created equal however. Some manufactures have compromised their performance and reliability by taking design short-cuts, such as eliminating high quality coatings, and eliminating important features, such as high tolerance machining and stainless steel internals.

Kinetrol diverter valve
Stainless Steel 2-Way Diverter
with Kinetrol Actuator
This isn't the case with the manufacturer Kinetrol however. Kinetrol invented the original pneumatic vane actuator back in the 1950's and has since continually improved its design. Understanding the value of the single moving part concept, Kinetrol has engineered quality into each component of the actuator. This attention to engineering detail has established Kinetrol vane actuators as the pneumatic actuator of choice for bulk material systems and diverter valve manufacturers.

Rotary Vane Actuator on Specialty Valves, Dome Valves, and Double Flap Valves Used for Abrasive Powders and Bulk Materials

actuators for bulk material handling
Actuators on specialty
purpose valves and gates.
Kinetrol actuators, positioners, indicators and limit switches are the preferred valve automation products when it comes to severe service applications.  One of the most challenging is bulk material handling.

Used to to accurately control the flow of bulk solids as they are being discharged from silos, bins and hoppers, Kinetrol products automate the specialized gate and mixer valves, dome valves, double flap valves, pot type diverter valves, and flow control gate valves.

These specialty valves all have one thing in common - the actuators are exposed to extremely dusty and dirty atmospheres, with significant amounts of vibration, and are located in areas where downtime is very costly.

Kinetrol vane actuators are used because of their ruggedness and their reliability. Positioners can be used to provide control via a 4-20ma input signals. Kinetrol pneumatic actuators have a much smaller footprint, smoother operation compared to more conventional linear pneumatic cylinders, and consume much less air. This results in significant savings in energy costs.

This video presents a variety of bulk material valve applications Kinetrol actuators have been used on.