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Kinetrol Actuators with Epoxy Stove Enamel Finish: A Winning Combination for Enhanced Durability and Style

Kinetrol Actuators with Epoxy Stove Enamel Finish: A Winning Combination for Enhanced Durability and Style

Kinetrol, a leading manufacturer of vane actuators, strategically uses epoxy stove enamel external finishes for their products, offering unparalleled benefits to their customers. This state-of-the-art finish is an excellent choice for Kinetrol's vane actuators due to its impressive durability, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and visual appeal. The epoxy stove enamel finish not only enhances the overall performance and longevity of the actuators but also ensures they maintain an attractive appearance even in the most demanding environments. By choosing epoxy stove enamel external finishes, Kinetrol demonstrates its commitment to providing high-quality, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing vane actuators that cater to the diverse needs of its customers across various industries.

Epoxy stove enamel external finish offers several advantages for various applications, primarily when used on high-heat equipment. Some of the key benefits of this type of finish include the following:

  1. Durability: Epoxy stove enamel finishes are known for their exceptional durability. They form a rugged, long-lasting, and abrasion-resistant surface that can withstand high temperatures and protect the underlying material from wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan for the equipment.
  2. Heat resistance: One of the primary advantages of epoxy stove enamel finishes is their ability to withstand high temperatures. These finishes can resist temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius) without degrading, peeling, or blistering, making them suitable for stoves and other high-heat equipment.
  3. Corrosion resistance: Epoxy stove enamel finishes offer excellent protection against corrosion and rust. The epoxy layer forms a barrier that prevents moisture, chemicals, and other environmental factors from reaching the underlying metal, ensuring the equipment stays in good condition for longer.
  4. Easy cleaning and maintenance: The smooth and non-porous surface of epoxy stove enamel finishes makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. It does not easily attract dirt, grime, or grease and is cleanable with a damp cloth or mild cleaning solution, helping maintain a clean and hygienic cooking environment.
  5. Aesthetic appeal: Epoxy stove enamel finishes are available in various colors and finishes, allowing for customization and providing an attractive appearance to the equipment. The high-gloss and smooth finish enhances the appliance's look and gives it a premium feel.
  6. Chemical resistance: Epoxy coatings resist various chemicals, making them suitable for multiple environments. They can withstand exposure to household cleaners, food acids, and other substances without degrading or staining.
  7. UV resistance: The epoxy stove enamel finish offers protection against UV rays, preventing the color from fading or chalking over time. It ensures that the equipment maintains its appearance even when exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods.
  8. Environmentally friendly: Epoxy coatings are generally considered environmentally friendly. They do not emit harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during curing, contributing to a healthier environment and improved indoor air quality.

In summary, an epoxy stove enamel external finish offers a range of advantages such as durability, heat and corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning and maintenance, aesthetic appeal, chemical and UV resistance, and eco-friendliness.

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Kinetrol Rotary Vane Actuators. Simply the Best.

Kinetrol rotary vane actuators have a well earned, and long established, reputation for  performing where other pneumatic actuators fail. With outstanding cycle life, smooth and precise operation, and an environmentally rugged design, Kinetrol actuators are "simply the best" quarter-turn valve and damper actuator on the market today. Period.

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Kinetrol Pneumatic Actuators: Superior Performance in the Cement Industry

Cement is produced by means of a tightly regulated chemical combination of calcium, silicon, aluminum, iron and other components. Shell and chalk or marl combined with shale, clay, slate, furnace slag, silica sand, and iron ore are the common materials used to manufacture the cement. Once heated at high temperatures, these materials form a rock-like material that is ground to the fine powder we usually think of as cement.

The cement industry is the building block of the country's building industry. Without using cement somewhere in the architecture, few construction projects will take place.  With the operation of around 107 cement plants in 36 States, US cement production is widely dispersed.

Cement production places demanding requirements on gates, valves, and actuators. They must operate under harsh conditions, where the environment is dusty, dirty, and hot. Maintenance represents a significant part of operating costs, and as such, is a critical point of improvement.  Unplanned shutdowns caused by equipment failure can be very costly. Slow downs influence productivity and the profit contribution per hour, and cost per hour of outages in the cement industry is very high.

This video presents a strong argument as to why the Kinetrol pneumatic vane type actuator provides the cement industry with a clearly better alternative than traditional rack and pinion or motorized solutions.

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Upper Midwest Water Treatment Plant says "Out with the old, in with the new!"

water treatment valves
Before project.
water treatment valves
Project begins.
An Upper Midwest water treatment plant was experiencing high failure rates, long maintenance periods, and too many repair issues with their existing pneumatic scotch-yoke cylinder valve operators. 

Upon investigation, the problem boiled down to how the scotch-yoke cylinder's linear movement is converted to rotational movement. To do so requires gearing, yokes and linkage which are wear points. In medium to high cycle rate applications these wear points soon become failure points

Kinetrol rotary vane actuators utilize a single moving part - the one-piece vane and shaft.  There are no gears, yokes, or linkages and 100% of the movement is transferred to the actuator shaft. The one piece vane and shaft eliminates these wear points, and therefore eliminates the resulting failure points.

water treatment valves
Out with the old.
water treatment valves
In with the new.
After a planning review meeting, this particular water treatment plant clearly saw the advantages of the Kinetrol design. The argument was so strong and the case so clear,  they decided to replace all (60) scotch-yoke cylinder actuated valves with Kinetrol vane actuators in one fell swoop. 

The new actuators have been operating for 6 months now without problem, cycling approximately 15 times per day. 

Click on the images above to see a larger view. For more information, contact Kinetrol USA by visiting or by calling 972-447-9443

Kinetrol Actuators Stand Up to Tough Iron Foundry Environment and Very High Cycle Rate

high cycle exhaust valve
Kinetrol on high cycle valve.
A iron foundry located in the Midwest asked the local Kinetrol distributor to help him replace a failing rack and pinion actuator on a on a very high cycle exhaust valve. The environment was very hot and dirty and the actuator cycles approximately 100,000 times per month, which is about 1.3 million per year. Also, the valve has to open in a fraction of a second.

The rack and pinion actuator was replaced with a Kinetrol vane actuator and the customer's problem disappeared. The Kinetrol actuators have performed for over 2 years now without problem.

Click on any of the pictures for a larger view.

high cycle exhaust valve

high cycle exhaust valve

Kinetrol Spring Return Units: Spiral Torsion Springs Are Key

Spiral torsion spring
Simple view of spiral
torsion spring (protruding
tab and hex center
are loading points.)
Spiral torsion springs are found in many places - clocks, watches, timers ... and Kinetrol spring return units!

Capable of storing much more energy than a typical compression spring, and working in smaller, more compact packages, spiral torsion springs for valve and damper actuation are a proven step-up over helical compression springs.

When a torque is applied to a spiral torsion spring, an angular displacement is created between the first and second loading points, the coil deflects (tightens), and the spring material is placed under stress, exerting a linear (to the degree of rotation) rotational "output" torque,  which drives the spring's rotation. Practically speaking, spiral torsion springs allow for lower torque loss, lower torque stress, and much greater reliability for use in valve and damper actuation.

Kinetrol Spring Return
Kinetrol Spring Return Unit
(note cutaway revealing
spiral torsion spring.)
Along with the inherent advantages of spiral torsion springs, additional benefits of the Kinetrol spring return unit are:

  • Separate housing for modular assembly, easily retrofitted
  • Sealed, non-breathing housing: Protects spring in corrosive environments
  • Adjustable pretension for 'balanced' air and spring stroke torques: Various combinations available for balanced / optimized torques at various air pressures
  • Keeper plates available to ensure safe handling of pretensioned springs
  • Available with ISO/DIN female drive and mounting
The combination of the spiral torsion spring reliability plus the advanced engineering design allow Kinetrol to offer a guarantee against failure of the spring unit for the lifetime of the mating actuator!

For more information, contact Kinetrol USA by visiting or calling 972-447-9443.